Summer – time to enjoy life (even more)

I’m really in a holiday mood… Recently I was fortunate enough to spend 2 days with a TR friend from Finland, we visited Antwerp, Mechelen and Brussels, great to be a tourist in my own country, and see our environment with new eyes. There might be something in your life too that can change dramatically, just by looking as if you are looking for the first time… Hmmm, something to think about 🙂 We were also talking the whole time about passion, purpose, healthy food, goals, happiness,… – and even after 2 days I felt like there was so much more to discuss. But I guess you already knew why I love being in such an awesome peer group 🙂

For those of you who attended our workshop with Mike Berry in May, you might remember him mentioning that he would organise his 2-day workshop in Belgium. It will take place 20-21 July in Antwerp at our friend Jacky’s place. If you want to learn more about scoring high in Google and other online marketing techniques, check out If you want to book your place, select Antwerp from the list; on the eventbrite page you can use discount code “filip” to receive a royal discount of £100 😉

Because of the holidays I will not organise a mastermind in Antwerp this month, but our Brussels mastermind is taking place on the 3rd Wednesday as usual. Register at:

Sick Of The Mediocre Crap Around You?

Yesterday, a facebook friend of mine posted about Kyle Cease – incidentally proving that facebook is not only about procrastination, but can change lives ;-). I had never heard about him before, but Kyle Cease is what would happen if Tony Robbins and Steve Martin had a kid! He talks transformation, disguised as comedy. And he quotes Tony a lot, both serious and in a funny way. I just watched this 1.5h video of him, and I am blown away!

He says things like: “I believe people get addicted to being positive as a way to not change.” and “A huge mistake that optimistic people can make, is we can see a million opportunities to overcome an obstacle, we realize we can ask “how can I?”. We will get tons of answers. We realize that if we just show up and meditate, if we just worked out everyday, we will change! That feels good enough so we actually don’t do it.
This can be the downside to going to some seminars. I mean definitely go and learn more, but make sure you are experiencing change too. Many people go to a seminar, feel really good from what they heard and then they don’t do anything in some cases.”

He talks about letting go, being in the moment, planning vs. doing,… It hit a nerve with me, because I’ve been in that spot more than once, where I visualize a goal so vividly and link positive emotions to it, that it almost feels like it happened already, and I stop taking action. I definitely got multiple breakthroughs from watching his material :-). He has a blog as well.

Could be interesting to discuss this further at this month’s mastermind session, where we support each other to apply what we learned at the seminars! First I want to come back to last month’s workshop. We were very happy to see so many people attending, many of them for the first time. The content was a bit different than anticipated, but entertaining and thought-provoking nonetheless. The pictures are posted on our facebook page. And finally, I can share that we are working on further workshops with local and international speakers – it’s early days but I’m very excited that we’re talking to some big names! I’ll keep you posted 😉

So this month we’re back to our usual mastermind format. Due to logistics, we’ve had to change the date, the Brussels session will be on June 20th. The Antwerp date still needs to be fixed, it’s probably going to be early July. Register at

What we practice, we become

Dancing with LifeLast month, several Yes Group members participated in “Dancing with Life”, hosted by Dey Dos. Tony Robbins speaks about the power of physiology, as the foundation of all effective change (peak state, anyone? :-)). Dancing with Life is like the advanced course on physiology! We learned about our physical self, the body as a teacher, centering, breathing, body language, t’ai chi, and how the model of the triune brain ties it all together. Dey mentions that the way we move through life can be seen in the way we move through space. Therefore, by working with how we move through space, we can change how we move through life. Most of all, we experienced this through physical exercises, in order to get it in our body. This is exactly why Tony’s events are so physical: learning does not happen only in the mind, we need to embody it through practice and repetition. What we practice, we become. And – tadaaa – this is exactly why the Yes Group is so important for me: we support each other in applying what we learned, so it becomes a way of being.

This might be a great topic to share further insights about at our next meeting in Brussels, on April 17th. Register now! If you’d rather attend our meeting in Antwerp, fill out the doodle, we will announce the date in the next few days. If you wonder what our meetings look like, in Brussels we usually have 2 parts: the mastermind part, and a sharing part. It’s geared towards helping each other to reach our goals, by asking questions, giving input, sharing lessons, and creating accountability. We keep improving our process to ensure maximal value for all participants. At our April meetings, we will experiment with a slightly different opening (check-in). Be there!

And finally, some very exciting news: in May we are organising a Yes Group special edition, with as guest speaker Mike Berry! He is the founder of Yes Group Scotland, and has been involved in Personal Development for over 20 years. Mike has spoken around the world on the Internet Marketing and Personal Development stage. He will talk about “Chasing the elusive, mythical unicorn called Financial Freedom” – sounds promising! So mark your agenda for May 21st, we will open registrations soon.

Time flies…

It’s hard to believe that 2 months of 2013 have passed already! We’ve been communicating mainly via mail and facebook, but it’s good to post here more regularly as well. So in this post I want to take stock of some of the events that happened last year, and look forward to what the rest of 2013 might bring.

In the Spring we organised 2 events for Pay it Forward. Both generated a lot of enthusiasm, which led to the establishment of a separate organisation: Pay it Forward Belgium.

In May we went crewing at UPW again, for the first time in London after a couple of years of UPW being organised in Italy. Crewing really adds an extra dimension, we wouldn’t want to miss this annual appointment anymore!

August was for me personally the start of an intensive period of seminars and workshops. Next to a number of trainings in Belgium and the Netherlands, I completed Tony’s Mastery University. Life & Wealth Mastery in Brighton, and Date with Destiny in Palm Springs, California. I wasn’t alone, at both events we had a delegation of about 10 Belgians, many of them have become Yes Group regulars since. Bart, me, Walter and Joris made a road trip before DWD with many memorable moments, the top one being our skydive of course! Great way to expand our comfort zone once again. To be honest, I’m still digesting and integrating all the lessons from these events, it will be inspiration for future posts :-).

In the fall we started organising masterminds in Brussels, next to the one in Antwerp. Both groups are growing, partly thanks to all the people we met at the different seminars. It’s a great way to keep the momentum and support each other in the implementation of what we learned. The energy at the meetings is amazing, we’ve seen breakthroughs happen and wonderful insights being shared.


DWD 2012

So what will 2013 bring? We will continue our masterminds of course. We will crew again at UPW in May, we already know there will be at least 7 of us in the crew, as well as a sizeable group of Belgian participants! We will further support the Belgian Basketbrigade. As for new initiatives, we are considering organising a few larger events on weekend days. These could be fun / teambuilding events, workshop tryouts by our members, and international speakers from the TR family. Stay tuned, and let us know if you have more suggestions!

Goede voornemens… of een actieplan?

Een nieuw jaar is weeral aangebroken… En daarmee de tijd om even terug te blikken op de voorbije periode, en goede voornemens te maken voor het komende jaar. Het probleem met goede voornemens is dat we ze tegen februari alweer vergeten zijn… Als jij dit jaar meer wil doen en je voornemens echt in actie wil omzetten, dan zit je bij de Yes Group op de juiste plaats!

Sinds we midden vorig jaar begonnen zijn met maandelijkse mastermind sessies in Antwerpen en Leuven, blijft onze community steeds verder groeien. We blijven leren, en de sessies worden nog elke keer interessanter. Het geeft ons enorm veel energie om te merken dat de deelnemers er echt iets aan hebben, en dat we elkaar inderdaad naar een hoger niveau brengen. Iemand helpen om drempels te overwinnen en een actieplan op te stellen en op te volgen doet wonderen. Bart en ik zijn dan ook heel dankbaar aan allen die een bijdrage geleverd hebben aan dit succes.

In 2012 zullen we hierop verder bouwen om nog meer mensen te bereiken, dit zijn onze voornemens acties 🙂 :

  • Regelmatige blogposts met updates, ervaringen, nieuws en interessante info rond persoonlijke ontwikkeling
  • Opstarten van masterminds in Gent en Brussel (laat ons weten als je hieraan wil meehelpen!)
  • Een groep Belgen meenemen naar UPW in London – Bart en ik gaan opnieuw deel uitmaken van de crew!
  • Organiseren van aanvullende events en workshops voor groeiers die nog een stap verder willen gaan
  • Donaties verzamelen en een basket brigade organiseren voor Kerstmis 2012

Wat zijn jouw actiepunten voor 2012? 🙂

Nieuwe start van de Yes Group

De lente is al even in het land, hoog tijd dus om ons zaadje, geplant na onze deelname aan UPW in 2010, tot volle bloei te laten komen.

Omdat we merkten dat het niet altijd even makkelijk is om UPW in de praktijk te blijven omzetten, en om onszelf te stimuleren om de nodige stappen te zetten om aan de Mastery University deel te nemen, kwamen we op het idee om een mastermind op te starten. Dankzij de contacten met Byron en Annick besloten we om de draad van de Belgische Yes Group opnieuw op te pikken.

De reacties in ons persoonlijke netwerk van Tony Robbins alumni waren zeer positief, dus wij staan te popelen om effectief van start te gaan en zijn erg benieuwd waar dit verhaal ons nog verder naar zal leiden.

Wij horen graag jouw reactie en kijken er naar uit je te begroeten op onze eerste mastermind sessie!