Sick Of The Mediocre Crap Around You?

Yesterday, a facebook friend of mine posted about Kyle Cease – incidentally proving that facebook is not only about procrastination, but can change lives ;-). I had never heard about him before, but Kyle Cease is what would happen if Tony Robbins and Steve Martin had a kid! He talks transformation, disguised as comedy. And he quotes Tony a lot, both serious and in a funny way. I just watched this 1.5h video of him, and I am blown away!

He says things like: “I believe people get addicted to being positive as a way to not change.” and “A huge mistake that optimistic people can make, is we can see a million opportunities to overcome an obstacle, we realize we can ask “how can I?”. We will get tons of answers. We realize that if we just show up and meditate, if we just worked out everyday, we will change! That feels good enough so we actually don’t do it.
This can be the downside to going to some seminars. I mean definitely go and learn more, but make sure you are experiencing change too. Many people go to a seminar, feel really good from what they heard and then they don’t do anything in some cases.”

He talks about letting go, being in the moment, planning vs. doing,… It hit a nerve with me, because I’ve been in that spot more than once, where I visualize a goal so vividly and link positive emotions to it, that it almost feels like it happened already, and I stop taking action. I definitely got multiple breakthroughs from watching his material :-). He has a blog as well.

Could be interesting to discuss this further at this month’s mastermind session, where we support each other to apply what we learned at the seminars! First I want to come back to last month’s workshop. We were very happy to see so many people attending, many of them for the first time. The content was a bit different than anticipated, but entertaining and thought-provoking nonetheless. The pictures are posted on our facebook page. And finally, I can share that we are working on further workshops with local and international speakers – it’s early days but I’m very excited that we’re talking to some big names! I’ll keep you posted 😉

So this month we’re back to our usual mastermind format. Due to logistics, we’ve had to change the date, the Brussels session will be on June 20th. The Antwerp date still needs to be fixed, it’s probably going to be early July. Register at

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