What is Yes Group

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. ~Tony Robbins

Yes Group Belgium is a Personal Development Community that provides its members with quality resources to enable them to make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of others. Anyone who is interested in personal development and looking for a network of like-minded, positive thinking people to support you with your goals, is welcome to join us!

Our mission as Belgian Yes Group is to inspire, empower & support people in pursuing their personal growth and in making a positive difference & contribution to humanity. Our vision is to be Belgium’s leading Personal Development Community.

We also aim to create an alumni network of people who attended one or more Tony Robbins events, with the goal of stimulating alumni to keep or restart the flow of positive energy, and to apply what we learned. Furthermore it is our intention to offer a platform to exchange experiences and promote Unleash the Power Within (UPW) to potential participants.

The Yes Group was started by Bart Cuypers and Filip Roeckens after they attended UPW 2010 in Rome. They were supported by Annick Lentacker and Byron Soulopoulos, who have attended and crewed at many Tony Robbins seminars.

Filip Roeckens trains and coaches entrepreneurs to increase their personal effectiveness and efficiency by developing the right mindset and using the right IT tools. Filip has extensive experience as IT consultant and problem solver. More and more he is evolving as a trainer and coach in the field of personal development and soft skills, such as teamwork and leadership.



Bart Cuypers is an advisor on financial models, and co-author of a soon to be published book on financial analysis and valuation. He is passionate about understanding – and sharing – how one can actualize his/her fullest potential, so that he/she can contribute profoundly to all. He architected an out-of-the-box policy instrument, to enable society to better bridge ecological necessity and economic reality.


WalterWalter Van Hecke is a driven serial entrepreneur. He runs two companies in IT services and consultancy and works with SMB owners, government organisations and multinationals, helping them with their technology strategy and internal efficiency. He’s also a professional Business Coach and certified by the Flemish government to provide strategic advice.

His passions are business development, GTD, mastermind groups, leadership and salsa.