Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers. ~Tony Robbins

Napoleon Hill defined a mastermind group as a group of people who come together with the common interest of the betterment of all. He said that when the group comes together to freely share their ideas in a spirit of support for mutual benefit, it is as if an additional mind is created, a master mind, which is able to tap into and focus the infinite power of the universe for the betterment of the entire group.

We infuse our events with the mastermind principles – discussing relevant topics and supporting each other in the challenges we are facing. Since 2014 we run mastermind groups separate from our monthly meetings, which increases the focus and commitment of the group (max. 6 persons). Contact us if you’re interested in participating in a mastermind, and we’ll let you know when the next one starts.

To make sure that participation in a mastermind is valuable for all, we recommend the efficient mastermind methodology, which allows for selection of topic(s), deeper exploration of the topic, advice from the group, and most importantly, drafting a concrete action plan. By supporting and holding each other accountable for our commitments, we raise the bar together and contribute to each other’s success.

Our first meeting took place on 18 May 2011 at Bar d’Office in Antwerp. Additionally we started a second group in Leuven, first meeting on 23 June 2011. In 2012 we moved this one to Brussels. Check our events page for the announcements of our next meetings.