25 June – Hustle Gently

You are invited to a relaxed Yes Group Salon edition, where 4 panelists will share their thoughts around the theme of Hustle Gently, with lots of room for your input and questions.

When you do you, when your integrity is in place, when your soul is nourished, and your mental discipline supported by your vision and your why, you are a gentle hustler. Delicate easy flowy and gentle on the outside, and equally gentle yet strongly unapologetic and resilient on the inside!

Hustling gently involves:

  • Starting with getting to know you. Who you are, what you stand for, what makes you excited, curious, what makes you tick.

  • Cultivating YOUR vision.

  • The Power of NO.

  • Staying away from collective hypnosis and the 6 step formulas.

  • Creating healthy boundaries. Protecting your space, energy and resources is essential if you want to thrive.

  • Learning and discerning. Learn from the best according to you.

Welcome to our world and the world of hustling gently, allowing you to be aligned with your true purpose and to create more effortlessly!

Lidija Markovic Rosati is an award winning keynote speaker, fully accredited NLP Trainer (Classic and New Code), International speaker, Business Coach to women entrepreneurs, to name but a few. A wealth creation and wellbeing specialist, she helped co-create Momentum Method. Lidija is a bestselling author of Gaining While Losing – The Gentle Art of Transformation. She currently delivers training seminars in London, Brussels, Belgrade, New York and Hong Kong.

Thomas Björge is a co-creator of Momentum Method. He is an international NLP trainer. An avid practitioner of Tai Chi Chuan, Mindfulness and Feldenkrais, he brings the three disciplines to his teachings and creates trainings that are unique in their delivery, content and applicability. Thomas enjoys exploring the realms of experience and possibility that exist outside of ordinary awareness and everyday realities. He works internationally (London, Brussels, Stockholm, New York, Hong Kong and Belgrade). He works with leading edge technologies and creates unique teaching products using Virtual Reality.

Lisa Kretschmann is an accredited coach with Creative Consciousness, a pioneer and thought leader in the field of human empowerment and consciousness development. Lisa is eager to support people in creating more authentic, passionate and happy lives. She is also a yoga teacher with Friskis & Svettis and a passionate rock climber.

Filip Roeckens is a Natural Success coach and trainer, on a mission to open hearts and free minds. He loves exploring consciousness, intuition, alchemy, hermetic philosophy, Structural Dynamics, the wisdom of the body, and dancing. He co-founded Yes Group Belgium.

Yes Group Belgium

Creating: Become the Alchemist of Your Own Life

Creating what you truly want in your life is often associated with striving, hard work, and overachieving. Voices in the outside world and in your own mind want you to believe that you have to fix everything that’s wrong with you first, before you can have what you want.

What if creating could be more joyful and effortless? In this workshop we will explore aspects of that Hero’s Journey to your heart’s desire and purpose. Creating what you love starts with raising your awareness about what’s going on in your internal world.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • Why your Unconscious has so much power and how it trips you up
  • How you can decrease self-judgment and regrets
  • Why positive thinking does not work
  • How to connect with your true nature

In short, this is about becoming the Alchemist of your own life – rising above the swings of the pendulum, and moving your power from conditions and circumstances to inspired action.
Filip Roeckens

About Filip Roeckens

Filip Roeckens is a Natural Success coach and trainer on a mission to open hearts and free minds. He loves exploring consciousness, intuition, alchemy, hermetic philosophy, Structural Dynamics, the wisdom of the body, and dancing.

Practical Information

When? Wednesday, 22 May 2019 from 18h45-21h00

Where? Timesmore Boulevard St Michel 47, 1040 Brussels – Map

How much? A contribution of €12 to cover expenses including materials, drinks, snacks, etc.

Want to come?

Please follow this link to sign up for for this workshop.

How to create a self-directed life

We are part of nature and life is meant to be easy. We are born with gifts and abilities – our creative faculties – that are our true treasures. However at this moment in our evolution, with all the breakthroughs that have been made in the world on all fronts, we are still operating from the outdated mode of SURVIVAL. This is responsible for us going through life looking for direction and validation from a place outside of ourselves. As a result, more often than not we are guided by what others want from us.

Without realizing, our THOUGHTS and FEELINGS – which are a reflection of our past experiences – inform us to make decisions and as a result we end up in similar scenarios, repeating the same SABOTAGING patterns, constantly recreating our past experiences regardless of the change in the settings: even in new job environments, with new partners, or in different countries. The more we try to FIT IN, be ACCEPTED, be GOOD ENOUGH, be LOVED, the more we go further and further from our true essence, our true natural abilities and we experience a sense of MEANINGLESSNESS and HOPELESSNESS. The harder we try the bigger the fall. Life becomes a STRUGGLE, full of STRESS and endless ways to COMPROMISE.

In this workshop we are going to unveil the egoic structures that cause you a considerable amount of stress, anxiety and conflict and keep you trapped in a life of limitation. You will also learn tools that allow you to KNOW and CONNECT to yourself at a deeper level, embrace your OWN AUTHORITY, INTELLIGENCE and RESOURCES so you can set the foundation to create a SELF-DIRECTED LIFE.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Carl G. Jung

– About different levels of AWARENESS and how they impact your life
– How your EGO was formed and how it is affecting your life
– How PERCEPTION, THOUGHTS and FEELINGS are sabotaging you
– How NEGATIVE EMOTIONS form and how to transmute them into LOVE
– How to tap into your TRUE POTENTIAL
– How to shift from the SURVIVAL mode of living into an EMPOWERED one, which will enable you living your TRUE POTENTIAL
– How to create a SELF-AWARENESS HYGIENE for your daily life, just as brushing your teeth, which will set you up for success in creating what you love
– How to start taking your PERSONAL POWER back and MASTER YOUR LIFE

MagdaOur speaker is Dr. Magdalena Baciu, CEO of SuperConscious Living International Ltd.
She is a teacher and mentor on awareness, mindfulness, superconsciousness, emotional intelligence, high level creativity, and personal and life mastery. She has the unique ability to see the greatness and true potential in people and her mission is to empower them to take control of their lives, to achieve their true potential and create their legacy.
Magdalena Baciu holds a PhD in biophysical chemistry and pharmacology. After a 10-year academic career at prestigious European universities, followed by 4 years of higher management positions in the corporate world, she returned to her first love, the love for people – making her passion her profession. She trained as an NLP master practitioner, hypnotherapist, and trainer in group dynamics, non-verbal communication, high level creativity and superconsciousness.
Her teachers, to name just a few: Eckhart Tolle, William Whitecloud, Anthony Robbins, Thich Nhat Hanh, Marianne Williamson, Joseph Campbell, Michael Grinder.

26 June – Why mainstream personal development doesn’t work

A lot of personal development approaches still come down to trying to fix yourself, trying to change limiting beliefs, taking massive action based on what you don’t want, trying to get away from your current circumstances, etc.

That simply doesn’t work. Join us for a salon session with Lidija and Filip, a casual but frank conversation about the gaps that these methods leave, and what constitutes a more effective approach.

Lidija Markovic Rosati is a former banker turned international NLP trainer, co-creator of the Momentum Method and entrepreneur. Lover of life and people. Curious nomad – born in Eastern Europe (Serbia), lives in Western Europe (London) and works across Europe. Writes Haiku poetry, explores the power of the unconscious and its relationship with language. She started Yes Group Serbia and co-founded Momentum NLP Serbia. Biggest breakthrough: leaving behind the safe corporate world and finding the courage to embark on the most beautiful adventure called: LIFE.

Filip Roeckens is a Natural Success coach and trainer, and the founder of Yes Group Belgium. Loves intuition, Structural Dynamics, the wisdom of the body, and dancing.

19 October – Hypnosis and Being Your Best Self

Personal development. Inspiring leadership. Inner peace. Joy in life.

We are all fascinated by these things and we’ve all found ways of facilitating our personal growth or increasing our life satisfaction and happiness.

Yet, sometimes, there are still things that hold us back. There are still limitations to the ways that we can change and grow.

Whether it’s hitting a plateau where growth seems stalled or whether it’s those bad habits or those persistent feelings that pop up again and again, we’ve all felt it… That feeling of falling short of our potential or of ‘losing control’.

And this is when we are reminded that no matter how much willpower we use, no matter how many affirmations we make, no matter how positive our thinking might be, within each and every one of us are powerful unconscious drives.

When your conscious thinking and your unconscious drives are out of alignment, you might find it’s like you ‘ran out of gas’. When you suddenly find yourself driven to indulging yourself in counterproductive ways. Or you might even experience self sabotage.

When your conscious thinking and your unconscious drives are in alignment, you’ll find that things that seemed impossible are suddenly not only do-able but fun! Impossibilities become challenges. Bad habits give way to new and constructive automatic behaviours. Feelings change for the better. And you start to live life at a whole new level.

Michael PerezMichael Perez is a hypnotist with over three decades of experience working with these unconscious factors. He’s also a keen student of cognitive neuropsychology and linguistics.

Michael has fused these different disciplines and these different schools of hypnosis in order to decode the science and practice of unconscious communication and influence, and create a new code for deep and powerful hypnotic interactions. Michael will be teaching this material in Brussels at the end of October, and he would like to give you an opportunity to preview this fascinating new approach to conversational and direct hypnotic communication and influence. So join us the 19th at the beautiful space of Transforma BXL (Evere)!

15 June: Unleash Your Genius

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ~ Carl Jung

Our unconscious mind is where our identity exists and our identity was created when we were growing up to keep us safe and secure so that we could survive. However, now that we’re adults, our identity severely sabotages our true potential by unconsciously creating resistance.

Your identity is made up of your limiting beliefs, assumptions and definitions, which you have accumulated from the past. And this is where your thoughts and feelings come from. The problem is that you have been educated at school and personal development seminars to use your thoughts and feelings to make decisions, which determine the actions you take and the life you create. Your thoughts and feelings are a reflection of your past and so if you continue to rely on them to make decisions, you will simply be recreating your past. Hence, your identity is sabotaging you from what you want, limiting your full potential and creating a compromised life.

Our superconscious mind is where our genius exists which includes our innate abilities like intuition, imagination and highest levels of creative frequency. Our genius includes our natural talents and gifts that when unleashed will empower us to create anything we want.

Join us for this workshop to learn more about how to stop your identity from sabotaging you, and the keys to unleashing your genius.

Our speaker is… me! Filip Roeckens, chairman of Yes Group Belgium. After a 10 year journey in personal development, learning a lot but still struggling to create what I really wanted, I came accross Natural Success. At first, I thought it would be nothing new. I did not want to attend yet another seminar! I’m glad I went to check them out anyway; the first workshop really resonated with me as it confirmed some of my own conclusions, and the second workshop blew my mind. I’ve been hooked ever since, doing all the levels of the curriculum and now working towards my accreditation as a Natural Success coach.

18 May – Healing from the inside out

Our speaker this month is Craniosacral therapist Jan Camus. His premise is simple: ignoring emotions and emotional tensions is a deadly game. Yet society pushes us to play along – no pain, no gain, so it seems. Is there a different way to deal with them, to be able to increase the quality of our life?

So we’ll dive deep into emotions. What is an emotion actually? What impact does an emotion have on our body energetically? How long can an emotion reverberate – minutes, years, generations? What does it take from our body to suppress or bottle up emotions?

Jan CamusJan is a highly sensitive sixtysomething with a particular interest in how we function energetically, and how to use our human energy to relax or heal. The first 30 years of his professional life was a lightning fast career in the world of luxury goods, that ended in a burnout. His sometimes painful process of change lead him to Craniosacral therapy.