18 May – Healing from the inside out

Our speaker this month is Craniosacral therapist Jan Camus. His premise is simple: ignoring emotions and emotional tensions is a deadly game. Yet society pushes us to play along – no pain, no gain, so it seems. Is there a different way to deal with them, to be able to increase the quality of our life?

So we’ll dive deep into emotions. What is an emotion actually? What impact does an emotion have on our body energetically? How long can an emotion reverberate – minutes, years, generations? What does it take from our body to suppress or bottle up emotions?

Jan CamusJan is a highly sensitive sixtysomething with a particular interest in how we function energetically, and how to use our human energy to relax or heal. The first 30 years of his professional life was a lightning fast career in the world of luxury goods, that ended in a burnout. His sometimes painful process of change lead him to Craniosacral therapy.

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