19 October – Hypnosis and Being Your Best Self

Personal development. Inspiring leadership. Inner peace. Joy in life.

We are all fascinated by these things and we’ve all found ways of facilitating our personal growth or increasing our life satisfaction and happiness.

Yet, sometimes, there are still things that hold us back. There are still limitations to the ways that we can change and grow.

Whether it’s hitting a plateau where growth seems stalled or whether it’s those bad habits or those persistent feelings that pop up again and again, we’ve all felt it… That feeling of falling short of our potential or of ‘losing control’.

And this is when we are reminded that no matter how much willpower we use, no matter how many affirmations we make, no matter how positive our thinking might be, within each and every one of us are powerful unconscious drives.

When your conscious thinking and your unconscious drives are out of alignment, you might find it’s like you ‘ran out of gas’. When you suddenly find yourself driven to indulging yourself in counterproductive ways. Or you might even experience self sabotage.

When your conscious thinking and your unconscious drives are in alignment, you’ll find that things that seemed impossible are suddenly not only do-able but fun! Impossibilities become challenges. Bad habits give way to new and constructive automatic behaviours. Feelings change for the better. And you start to live life at a whole new level.

Michael PerezMichael Perez is a hypnotist with over three decades of experience working with these unconscious factors. He’s also a keen student of cognitive neuropsychology and linguistics.

Michael has fused these different disciplines and these different schools of hypnosis in order to decode the science and practice of unconscious communication and influence, and create a new code for deep and powerful hypnotic interactions. Michael will be teaching this material in Brussels at the end of October, and he would like to give you an opportunity to preview this fascinating new approach to conversational and direct hypnotic communication and influence. So join us the 19th at the beautiful space of Transforma BXL (Evere)!

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