25 June – Hustle Gently

You are invited to a relaxed Yes Group Salon edition, where 4 panelists will share their thoughts around the theme of Hustle Gently, with lots of room for your input and questions.

When you do you, when your integrity is in place, when your soul is nourished, and your mental discipline supported by your vision and your why, you are a gentle hustler. Delicate easy flowy and gentle on the outside, and equally gentle yet strongly unapologetic and resilient on the inside!

Hustling gently involves:

  • Starting with getting to know you. Who you are, what you stand for, what makes you excited, curious, what makes you tick.

  • Cultivating YOUR vision.

  • The Power of NO.

  • Staying away from collective hypnosis and the 6 step formulas.

  • Creating healthy boundaries. Protecting your space, energy and resources is essential if you want to thrive.

  • Learning and discerning. Learn from the best according to you.

Welcome to our world and the world of hustling gently, allowing you to be aligned with your true purpose and to create more effortlessly!

Lidija Markovic Rosati is an award winning keynote speaker, fully accredited NLP Trainer (Classic and New Code), International speaker, Business Coach to women entrepreneurs, to name but a few. A wealth creation and wellbeing specialist, she helped co-create Momentum Method. Lidija is a bestselling author of Gaining While Losing – The Gentle Art of Transformation. She currently delivers training seminars in London, Brussels, Belgrade, New York and Hong Kong.

Thomas Björge is a co-creator of Momentum Method. He is an international NLP trainer. An avid practitioner of Tai Chi Chuan, Mindfulness and Feldenkrais, he brings the three disciplines to his teachings and creates trainings that are unique in their delivery, content and applicability. Thomas enjoys exploring the realms of experience and possibility that exist outside of ordinary awareness and everyday realities. He works internationally (London, Brussels, Stockholm, New York, Hong Kong and Belgrade). He works with leading edge technologies and creates unique teaching products using Virtual Reality.

Lisa Kretschmann is an accredited coach with Creative Consciousness, a pioneer and thought leader in the field of human empowerment and consciousness development. Lisa is eager to support people in creating more authentic, passionate and happy lives. She is also a yoga teacher with Friskis & Svettis and a passionate rock climber.

Filip Roeckens is a Natural Success coach and trainer, on a mission to open hearts and free minds. He loves exploring consciousness, intuition, alchemy, hermetic philosophy, Structural Dynamics, the wisdom of the body, and dancing. He co-founded Yes Group Belgium.

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