21 April – Applying the lessons from UPW

3 weeks after this year’s Unleash the Power Within, it’s a good moment to reflect and share. UPW is always a great experience where we learn a lot, but the challenge is what happens when we return to reality… How do we apply what we learn in our daily life? From past experience we know that this is the most difficult part, and this is exactly why we started Yes Group, to have a peer group where we support each other in our journey to the next level.

So during this month’s meeting, participants will share some of the highlights that stood out, some lessons, strategies, aha moments,… that make a difference for us. This way we will both reinforce the seminar for those who participated (this year or before) and share some content with those who have not been there yet.

Some topics we might discuss:

  • What’s the firewalk in your life? What’s holding you back? How can you breakthrough fear?
  • What is state? What is peak state? How do you get there and use it outside of a seminar?
  • Why do we do what we do? 6 human needs
  • The¬†Ultimate Success Formula / Creating lasting change
  • Priming – I loved this new technique that Tony teaches, great to start your day with!
  • Vitality – principles of a healthy lifestyle that dramatically increase your energy.

See you at Gemeenschapscentrum Kontakt, 21 April 19h00!

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