19 May – Sense and nonsense about your life and your mission

Your work / career / mission is one of the most important aspects of your life.

If you don’t agree then why are you spending so much time in your job and why are you seeking to improve your conditions all the time?

Your mission is what makes you want to jump out of bed – or stay in bed – every weekday and sometimes even in the weekend for the overachievers amongst us.

In this session we will go over the 6 big mistakes and how you can avoid them. Walter will give you some key principles for creating an extraordinary work / career / mission.

WalterWalter Van Hecke is a driven serial entrepreneur. He runs two companies in IT services and consultancy. Walter works with small & medium-sized businesses, government organisations and multinationals, helping them with their technology strategy and internal efficiency. He’s also a professional Business Coach and certified by the Flemish government to provide strategic advice.



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