18 February – The Art of Unconscious Self Influence – Finding Flow and Working Past Procrastination and Self-Sabotage

MichaelPerezPortraitThe field of neuroscience is abuzz with arguments over ‘free will’, as it becomes increasingly clear that most of our behaviours are ‘unconscious’. Bestselling books like ‘Blink’, ‘Nudge’ and ‘Predictably Irrational’ all focus on our mysterious thinking beneath our conscious awareness; thinking that is responsible for both our greatest achievements and peak human performance and for the silliest of mistakes and the source of many of the roadblocks we encounter on the journey of our lives.

Noted hypnotist and performance coach Michael Perez has used insights from NLP and hypnosis as well as his many years of experience and experimentation to shine some light on the mysterious ‘unconscious mind’ and uses those insights to provide a new way of thinking about being optimally creative and productive by influencing and accessing our inner potential.

You’ll get a new understanding of why and how you do what you do. And you’ll get some practical tips on how to move past procrastination, create better habits and sidestep some of the cognitive traps that can sabotage your progress.

Michael is in his third decade of working with people all around the world, including world-class athletes, artists, executives and entrepreneurs to resolve problems, improve life satisfaction and to reach the highest levels of performance and achievement.

Michael has also used information gleaned from many years of studying distinctions from cognitive neuropsychology to innovate and improve upon the tools in his field of practice. He is well-known for his innovative approach to preconscious influence in behavioural changework.

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