17 December: How to have your cake and eat it too


As the festive season is approaching, it is a good time to give you some new ideas for your menu, or to help you recover afterwards 🙂 Our speaker this month is coming over from London, she’s the Queen of green smoothies and yes, we will be making and tasting them live! Join us to hear how she overcame severe back pains (her spine is full of metal due to corrective surgery) by changing her nutrition and lifestyle.

Denisa Ratulea is a health coach, nutritional therapist and raw food chef and the founder of Second Nature an ethically driven platform for wellness promotion. She’s driven to help people make health and energy their second nature by showing them step by step easy and simple strategies to implement a healthier lifestyle into their daily life. Denisa started her journey during an Unleash the Power Within event. In order to heal her back and prepare for spinal surgery and remove metal screws and rods from it she adopted an alkaline, plant-based lifestyle that transformed her life. Ever since, she embarked on a journey of learning, exploring and experimenting with food and nutrition and is now helping others rediscover their optimum health potential.

Denisa will be sharing simple ways of getting around food and healthy eating without making it confusing. A well balanced lifestyle shouldn’t be complicated, yet most of us seem overwhelmed and confused by what we should eat, at what time and in what way. Healthy eating has never been so simple and you will be taken through easy steps and a practical demonstration that will change the way you look at raw food and healthy habits, as well as leave you with a strategy that will not only get you through the holidays, but have you started and going strong for your best year yet.

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