27 October – Jacob Heiberg: Master your State

Jacob HeibergJacob is a Performance Coach and seasoned Senior Leader in the Anthony Robbins organisation with a few dozen events under his belt. He has a track record for creating extreme results in a short timespan. Since 2005 he has coached, mentored and consulted with more than 1000 clients spanning from individuals to billion-dollar multinationals. The purpose is always to get more success with less effort.

In 2009 he sold everything he owned, and travelled the world for one year to realize a long dream and “start fresh” afterwards, with a clear focus on helping people and organisations realize their dreams. He now lives in a tropical paradise and does what he loves.

Jacob speaks about how to get into, and stay, in a peak performance state. Through mastering your state, you will be able to achieve your goals faster. This seminar will teach you more about anchors, triggers, somatic configuration and how elite athletes and other peak performers master their state at will. You’ll learn how to alter your normal state to an optimal state where you can do anything you want with ease.

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