10 September: 8 Principles for Creating a Breakthrough

boardsSeptember is celebration month! Join us for our first monthly event of the new season, a year in which we will adhere more closely to the original Yes Group concept, i.e. speaker-led and theme-based workshops.

Though we usually meet on the third Wednesday, 10 September is my birthday, and I want to continue the “birthday edition” tradition that started last year.

This evening will consist of 3 parts:

• Introduction of the Yes Group and the programme for the coming year – hopefully we can already announce some of the big names we are working on 😉
• 8 Principles for Creating a Breakthrough – I will present part of my workshop about discovering your hidden GEMS. We will discuss how you can develop the confidence to go for your goals, and a set of tools, beliefs and principles that will allow you to breakthrough. And to make this evening even more memorable, you will have the opportunity to practice the 8 principles by breaking through a wooden board!
• Networking & celebration time – as we will have a lot of new faces attending, we will reserve ample time for getting to know each other.

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